Flip Flop Fly (from our CD, The Tabletop Three)

Let Me Go Home, Whiskey! (from our CD, The Tabletop Three)

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (from our CD, The Tabletop Three)

Can’t Be Satisfied (from our CD, The Tabletop Three)

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Connie Deming and Miche Fambro Join TT3 for Holiday Relief Concert

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Steve West and The Tabletop Three are hosting a holiday charity benefit concert during the evening of Friday, December 9. It will be at Sticky Lips BBQ City Music Hall on Culver Road, adjacent to the original location near Blossom in Rochester, and TT3 will be joined by our friends and well-known local artists Miche Fambro and Connie Deming.

This is the latest version of a holiday show that Steve has been hosting for at least the last twelve years. Tabletop Three is looking forward to being back together for this event and we’re also excited to be sharing the stage with Connie and Miche.

Connie Deming is one of the most experienced and best-known performers on the acoustic scene around Rochester. Her strong soprano voice, smile, and sharp musical sensibility have made her a local favorite.

Miche Fambro has a wonderful crooner voice, a dry sense of humor, and an uncommon, but energetic and virtuosic approach to the guitar that has to be experienced.

More details will be forthcoming and we look forward to seeing you there for another song!