Meet Ross Bracco

Ross Bracco (bass and vocals) has performed around Rochester for several years, on upright and electric bass and guitar, as a part of W. B. Blues, the 3D Electric Blues Band, Moon Salad, as a solo performer, and more. Gordon Munding’s Son House Blues Night gave him an opportunity to play songs he didn’t know with people he had only just met, and he learned that flying by the seat of your pants is a great way to fly.

Influences like Fats Waller and Leon Redbone taught him to try to be as musically sharp as possible, but always keep a sense of fun. That attitude carries over to his spirited bass playing and performance with TT3.

His endeavor is to take the music seriously, but never take himself too seriously, and to use music to express the joy of being an imperfect creature among his peers.

You can hear more of Ross’ music at